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The Senior Citizens Bureau’s (SCB) mission is to provide information, support services and volunteer assistance to senior adults, their caregivers and loved ones and to provide easily accessible information. Our organization strives to provide peace of mind and assistance to senior adults and those who care for them.

You are welcome here–as a friend, as a community member, as an important part of all we do here at SCB. For seniors, caregivers, and volunteers, Senior Citizens Bureau has created a community designed to lift one another up, share helpful information, to be there for one another, and to help each other in whatever way we can.

SCB has made a way for you to connect. Through message boards, social media, forums, meeting up for coffee, or learning together, SCB has put everything you need in one place. Simply go to our membership page, to join this caring, thriving community and make new friendships, take new journeys, and build new connections today.SCB members enjoy the benefits of social connections and volunteer support; pertinent insurance, medical and legal advice; Medicare education, services, and support; access to health journals, news and articles; and your own private, safe and secure online space, just for seniors and those who care for them, that includes email, blogs, chat rooms, and volunteer assistant.

When you need someone you can trust to help you build or maintain a healthy, active lifestyle socially, physically and mentally, and to help you make important decisions about your finances, your insurance, your medical needs, and your legal rights, you can turn to the Senior Citizens Bureau.

When you’re ready to step out and volunteer to help other seniors, we’re here to provide a means for you to help others, and we provide the education and training to help you to help others knowledgeably and with confidence.

As a senior community, you’ll find others with similar interest, similar life experiences, and similar needs. SCB is a great place to help each other, to connect, to go through daily life together in a way that everyone benefits, grows, and thrives together.