Caregivers all over the world find themselves feeling alone and are often times confused by the maze of information available.
The Senior Citizens Bureau is pleased to assist and support our community of over 650,000 seniors and their caregivers.
The Senior Citizens Bureau has over 450 wonderful volunteers who help us help others. We appreciate them greatly as they help seniors.
Senior Citizens Bureau partners with the senior community’s largest and most trusted organizations and businesses.

Resources & Information for Seniors & Caregivers

Health Journals

Each Health Journal has downloadable audio and is available for pdf download.

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Video Library

In our Resources Library, you can watch health care experts discuss health topics for seniors.

The Alzheimer’s Project (HBO) Videos: Grandpa, Do you know who I am? with Maria Shriver

The Impact of Hearing Loss on Your Health

hearing loss  brochure cover image Did you know that aging adults who stay socially connected live longer, happier, healthier lives? But what’s that got to do with hearing loss?


For Seniors, Caregivers, and Volunteers

SCB has created a community designed to lift one another up, share helpful information, to be there for one another, and to help each other in whatever way we can. Volunteers and professionals are on hand at all times to assist our members.


Welcome to Senior Citizens Bureau

Support for Senior CitizensThe Senior Citizens Bureau’s (SCB) mission is to provide information, support services and volunteer assistance to senior adults, their caregivers and loved ones and to provide easily accessible information.

Our organization strives to provide peace of mind and assistance to senior adults and those who care for them. You are welcome here–as a friend, as a community member, as an important part of all we do here at SCB.

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