About Us

The Senior Citizens Bureau (SCB) was found in 1998 and is a national, non-profit community resource for the elderly, children of the elderly and other caregivers, advocates and professionals.

We provide low cost services and guidance to the elderly. In addition, we offer an Online Directory and Resource Guide that lists various housing, product and service providers.

Our national hotline, the Seniority Hotline, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our senior members and those with vision limitations.

The SCB provides help and assistance to Caregivers, Information for the Seniors and Continuing Education and Networking Opportunities for the Senior Community and Industry as a whole.

Our Mission

The Senior Citizens Bureau’s mission is to provide information, support services and personal assistance to senior adults, their caregivers and loved ones and to provide easily accessible information.

Our organization strives to provide peace of mind and assistance to senior adults and those who care for them.