The Senior Citizens Bureau (SCB) recognizes that caregivers are often overworked, stressed and overwhelmed. We are keenly aware that many caregivers are not receiving the support they need. Caregivers all over the world find themselves feeling alone and are often times confused by the maze of information available.

Statistics show that: 34 million adults, or 16% of the population provide care to adults over 50 years old. As you may have guessed, most caregivers are female. In the US, nearly one out of every four households–that is 23% or 22.4 million households–is involved in care giving to older individuals. Approximately 64% of caregivers of the elderly are employed and spend an average of 18 to 40 hours per month care giving. Most people–nearly 79% who need Long-Term Care live at home or in community settings, not in institutions.

Our goal is to be a resource and an outlet for you through your membership. If you are overwhelmed and need assistance, we have Volunteers to help. Need to connect with others? Your membership provides for that, too. In the members area you can chat live with other members, share advice, network, and job search. Many caregivers who are already members take advantage of our 24-hour Seniority Hotline. Using the hotline, you can do almost everything you can do on our website, including listening to audiobooks, searching for providers by category and zip code, job search, listen to helpful tips and remedies and much more.

Caring for caregivers in one of SCB’s primary roles. We offer many resources to help.