At this stage in life, you deserve a little time and attention that is all about you–your needs, your friends, and your community. You want to talk to others who can relate to you–who really know where you’re coming from. At Senior Citizens Bureau, we are here for you, and much of what you’re looking for is available here on our website. We offer a wealth of information, products, and services. Just for you. At your fingertips.

SCB is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving seniors and senior caregivers. Every product and service is offered with you in mind. If it is not something you need or want, we don’t offer it. If it is a quality product or service that suits your needs, you’ll most likely find it here.

That’s why hundreds of thousands of seniors and senior caregivers congregate here. There are many easy ways for seniors to communicate with each other as SCB members. Chat in real time, email, social networking, and never have to leave the website. You can also offer each other advice, encouragement, and support by sharing events, messages, prayers, and thoughts on message boards, forums and through online announcements.

But it’s not just about your health and social life. SCB offers educational opportunities to keep you sharp, job and volunteer opportunities, important news, articles, newsletters and information geared toward your interests, audio and online books, shopping, special discounts, and even hotlines.

If you’re not an SCB member and would like to join now, please join online. You can also join by calling 800-281-1088 or by emailing We’ll be with you every step of the way.