Access to Senior Citizen Information Made Easier for the Elderly via the SCB 24-Hour National Seniority Hotline

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Every year an estimated 2.1 million older Americans are victims of physical, psychological, or other forms of abuse and neglect. For every case of elder abuse and neglect reported to authorities, experts estimate that there may be as many as 5 cases not reported. (American Psychological Association).

Seniors have long been the unfortunate victims of abuse, neglect, exploitation and fraud. What’s the best way to combat this? By joining forces and keeping them educated about what’s going on in the industry and providing an easy outlet for them to voice their concerns – even if done anonymously.

The Senior Citizens Bureau wants to ensure that all senior adults have equal access to information and the ability to file verbal complaints via a free, 24 hour hotline called the SCB 24-Hour National Seniority Hotline.

Now, senior adults who are seeking to learn more about a company or individual can get that information at any time of the day or night. This includes complaint history, fraud alerts and more. In addition – and this is a very important area – seniors who have witnessed abused and/or neglect or who have experienced it themselves can call the hotline without giving their name or contact information. The appropriate law enforcement office or agency will be contacted immediately.

“Many seniors are at the mercy of the provider or individual offering them service. Either they don’t have a clue of who their dealing with or if by chance someone they know is wronging them, they don’t know which way to turn to seek help,” states Chairman of the Board for The Seniors Commission, Inc., Kenneth Preston, “this is a wonderful alternative method to for those seniors to have more control of their lives and the decisions that effect it.”

Established in 1998, the Senior Citizens Bureau (SCB) – a non-profit organization, is pleased to assist seniors and their caregivers in this creative manner. Providing a unique way to gather information, this new 24 our toll-free hotline is also beneficial for senior adults who are blind are have other disabilities or limitations such as severe arthritis or mobility issues. Since its inception, more than 250,000 calls have been received from senior citizens seeking facility placement, legal guidance, dispute resolution and various other information and referral services.

The hotline is a free and valuable resource for case managers, senior citizens and advocates – the people who need to access information quickly and efficiently.

The hotline accepts verbal complaints – both major and minor – and these complaints are handled in part by other senior adults volunteers in various states. These volunteers also offer support and nurturing via telephone and e-mail to those that have been unfortunate victims.

The Senior Citizens Bureau is seeking funding to continue this program as well as collaborative opportunities with other advocacy groups and individuals.

For more information, you may call 1-800-281-1088 to speak with a live representative.

About the Senior Citizens Bureau

The Senior Citizens Bureau (SCB) was found in 1998 and is a national, non-profit community resource for the elderly, children of the elderly and other caregivers, advocates and professionals.